Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions

We are looking for artistic contributions for aNOther festival on 31st Mai and 1st of June 2018 in WUK – Projektraum related to our motto „Silence?“ (in the widest sense), which are explicitly crossing disciplines and genres.

All contributions should at least combine two disciplines respectively genres, for example from the following areas:

•   Music of various genres from not too commercial fields, (like e.g. contemporary composition, improvisation, world music, fusion, singer songwriter etc.)

•   Performance / Installations / Concept Art from the field of Fine Arts

•   Lecture-Performance / science dissemination in artistic forms

We are particularly interested in transdisciplinary approached and would be glad to receive suggestions for projects, which have NOT already been publicly presented by other organizations. Since our sponsors are related to music sponsoring, the main content of the proposed projects should be musical or related to music.

Contributions should not last longer than 40 minutes. The guideline for the honorarium per person is 200€ for a 40 minutes contribution, the total for each 40 minutes project may not exceed 600 €. Shorter contributions and contributions with more than 3 participants are possible, but will result in accordingly smaller honorariums per person.

A sound PA (4 loudspeakers, digital mixer, microphones) and one video projector will be available. Further technical equipment or production material must be covered from the total amount of 600 € per contribution.

Venue: Projektraum WUK, Informations here:

If you are interested to participate, please send us and Email with the following details before 10th May 2018 to

•   Title of the project

•   Names of participants

•   Duration

•   Short description of the idea (not longer than half a page A4)

•   If possible: Links to videos, sound examples etc. for illustrating the idea of the project

•   List of technical requirements (technical rider)

•   Contact information (Email, Telephone, Website)

•   If necessary: restrictions of date (31st May or 1st of June 2018)