The non profit organisation International Culture Platform was founded in 2004 by Wei-Ya Lin and Oliver Weber. The main target is to realize various kinds of culture projects, which mainly focus around the cultural exchange between Asia and Europe.

The International Culture Platform is an open collaboration of young composers and musicians from various countries into a “composer-ensemble” with the aim of giving new impulses to artistic life by personal union of creative and performing artists as well as by the intercontinental exchange of thoughts between Asia, Europe and America.

Besides, also the scientific research on ethnic music from various regions of the world serves as an important source of inspiration as well as the focus on interdisciplinary forms of art.

Starting point of the project was a spontaneous initiative of young and ambitious artists in the surrounding of the music university of Vienna, who wanted to take control over the conditions of production of their works in a refreshing way.

At the beginning of the 21st century the social and aesthetical questions of the presence seem to require new mental positions. A new generation of artists necessarily defines “avant-garde” in a different way then the avant-garde of the 1960ies.

Collective works, pragmatism and a strong sense of community create a big contrast to the old paradigm of the “lonesome genius” of the past. Changes in society, dealing with the globalization or the move towards sustainability and networked thinking influence and interact with artistic processes. Giving room to this interaction is the main task of the International Culture Platform.